General Information

Electronic Insurance Claims

We will be pleased to assist you with insurance claims by sending them directly to your carrier electronically.

Our Treatment Coordinator will work with you to ensure proper communication is made and that information is shared with your insurance company to optimize your dental benefits while keeping your privacy as its utmost priority. Only the information that is required to be shared will be shared with your insurance company in a safe and secure fashion using industry standards and best practices in electronic communications security.

Payment Options

We are a fee-for-service practice. We accept cash, debit, VISA, and Mastercard. All required information will be provided to your insurance company promptly to assure your entitled benefits are reimbursed to you.


We are completely wheelchair accessible, offering a heated outdoor ramp, washroom facilities with hand rails, wide hallways, and our dental chairs are easily able to accommodate wheelchair transfers.

Sterilization and Infection Control

Sterilization and infection control are exercised at an extreme level, both for the protection of our patients and staff. Heat sterilization is used for all instruments and handpieces that are used intra-orally, and powerful disinfectants are used on all other equipment and surfaces. Gloves, masks and protective eyewear are fundamentals of our infection control protocols.


We strive to make your visit at Marchwood Dental comfortable and relaxing. We offer internet access, cable television, a hot beverage bar and a child’s play area in our spacious reception area. Each operatory is equipped with an LCD television, cable TV and satellite radio for your enjoyment during your dental appointment.


All of our doctors are able to administer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for particularly anxious patients, or for procedures involving dental surgeries.