Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, occurs when gingiva is lost or worn away exposing the underlying root surface of the tooth. Gum recession can be the result of many factors; one of the most common is toothbrush technique or “scrubbing” your teeth and gums too vigorously. This is one of the reasons our dental hygienists promote the use of an extra soft-bristled tooth brush and correct brushing technique. Other factors that can lead to receding gums are periodontal disease, misaligned teeth, bruxism (excessive grinding) and orthodontics. The exposed root surface can cause sensitivity, be more susceptible to decay, lead to bone loss and possibly eventual tooth loss.

Gum grafting is the ideal answer to repair areas of root exposure. A simple technique that we have perfected, of grafting a regenerative tissue matrix to the affected site, allows for coverage of the root. The procedure is followed by some basic at-home care and a couple of simple follow up appointments in our Kanata office. The results provide amazing root coverage, reduction in symptoms, and put a halt to the progression of periodontal disease around the tooth.