Life in Kanata can be stressful! Balancing work and home life with our busy schedules can initiate stress to rear its head in different ways. Clenching and grinding, also known as bruxism, are destructive ways we take out stress on our teeth, our jaw joints and our facial muscles. A custom-fitted nightguard by one of our dentists can ease the impact we place on our teeth, joints and muscles of the face and neck. This simple procedure involves a 3D scan of your teeth to accurately replicate your mouth. The scan is sent to a dental lab where a registered lab technician custom fabricates the appliance. A few short days later the nightguard is returned to our office and the fit is verified by our dentist. Wearing the nightguard every night alleviates all the uncomfortable symptoms experienced by bruxers and saves a lot of wear on your enamel. Its use can eliminate jaw pain and headaches.

We can also fabricate custom-fitted sportsguards right here in our office. The benefits of wearing a sportsguard while playing hockey, basketball, weight lifting, soccer, etc are to protect your teeth from trauma and to reduce the impact of concussions. A variety of colours and thickness are available to fully customize the guard to your liking.