Tooth Enamel

Fortunately, tooth enamel is the hardest material in our body. Unfortunately, enamel has an enemy in sugar, and is quite brittle. Tooth decay and tooth breakage are common daily occurrences due to the foods we consume and the habits we form. Eating sugary and acidic foods and drinks will decay and erode enamel. Habits such as grinding, nail-biting and using our teeth to open bottle caps or chip bags can chip and fracture enamel.

Filling Material

Modern dentistry has answered the call to repair decay and minor fractures with white resin fillings. Originally amalgam, or silver mercury, was the material of choice to repair tooth decay and it was a great choice but research and technology have given us a material that is even better. Composite filling material, or white resin, allows us to be far more conservative in our preparations as the bonding materials will adhere to shallow and small spaces. White resin material is strong, long lasting and is easy to repair or replace when required.


The esthetic component of white fillings is obvious in society’s drive for perfect pearly white teeth. White resin material is also safer than our previous material choices; our bodies do not resist the material and allergies are extremely rare. The resin is available in a wide variety of shades allowing us to customize and match existing tooth colour so closely that you can’t even tell you have a filling. White composite resin is a wonderful material that dentists have in their toolbox to achieve beautiful results for conservative dental restorations.