3 Reasons Invisible Braces Are Right for You

3 Reasons Invisible Braces Are Right for You

3 Reasons Invisible Braces Are Right for You 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

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Why Many Kanata Dentists Prefer This Alternative to Metal Braces for Their Patients

Having crooked teeth is more than just an aesthetic issue; it can also affect the cleanliness of your teeth. Ask any dentist in Kanata and they will tell you that having braces is a great way to properly align the teeth, so patients can more effectively clean their teeth to prevent issues such as future periodontal diseases. However, traditional braces are a less appealing and frankly less attractive option for adults seeking dental care to straighten their teeth. Invisible braces are a fantastic alternative, and here are three reasons for you to choose them over conventional braces:

Overall Better Appearance

Nobody likes the idea of having a mouth full of metal. The good news is, your dentist in Kanata can provide you with invisible braces, which are nowhere near as noticeable, and can be removed when eating to prevent food from getting caught in them. This alternative to metal braces can make you look as if there’s actually nothing on your teeth at all. The clear trays fit right up against the natural tooth and gum line, creating an unquestionably more attractive appearance.

Greater Comfort

Let’s face it, braces are going to be uncomfortable from time to time. This is due to the teeth sifting and realigning themselves to create a more even and attractive smile. When you get invisible braces, your Kanata dentist may warn you that it takes much more willpower on your end not to remove the invisible trays too often when they become uncomfortable. Since they’re removed when you’re eating and drinking, it can become tempting not to put them back in at all. However, when it comes to overall comfort, they still beat out traditional braces by far. That’s because invisible aligners offer a smooth surface that won’t catch onto or scratch the inside of the mouth. Metal brackets are known to leave sores or cuts on the inside of the mouth and gums due to their bulkiness and their sharp edges.

Visual Confirmation of Results

If the last two points haven’t swayed your vote, there’s still one great feature to consider. Many Kanata dentists recommend invisible braces to their patients because the treatment plan is fully computerized. This means both the doctor and the patient are able to see and adjust the desired results they wish to achieve even before the aligners are made. You will know exactly how long you can expect to have your braces on before you even put on your first set. In comparison, metal braces tend to be more of a trial and error situation, providing no clear answer as to exactly how long it will take to achieve your perfect smile.