A Lost Tooth Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

A Lost Tooth Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

A Lost Tooth Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

How a Dentist Can Help You Get Your Smile Back!

dentistI remember when my dentist first informed me that I would need braces. Although seemingly trivial, as an eleven year old it felt like the bane of my existence. I ‘braced’ myself for the orthodontic treatment and counted down the days until I could rid myself of the gear. Two years later, it was finally time to reveal my new and improved smile, and improved it was indeed! I was proud of my new straight teeth and graciously accepted all the newfound compliments. I grew to appreciate how fortunate I was, and I admit that just maybe my dentist and my parents were right all along. My smile became one of my self-proclaimed best features so, when several years after all that orthodontic treatment I broke my front tooth, I felt as though my worst nightmare had come to life.

An accidental fall had created a hard enough impact to fully permeate a crack through the tooth. An emergency trip to the dentist the next day came to the conclusion that it would not be fixable with a simple crown. My only options in Ottawa were dental implants or a bridge procedure. After some research and explanation from the dentist in Ottawa, dental implants were my choice and here are some of the reasons why:

  • A bridge requires the filing of adjacent teeth, while dental implants are supported by their own structure. I did not want to disrupt any of my healthy teeth–after all, I felt they had been through enough!
  • My dentist showed me pictures of residents of Ottawa with dental implants and I had difficulty even discerning which tooth was an implant because the new teeth were so natural looking.
  • Although a long process, my dentist in Ottawa said dental implants could last me a lifetime. I didn’t want a procedure that would require upkeep.

Once I had decided on dental implants, my next fear was what I would do until my surgery; however, my dentist was able to quickly have a flipper (a clear retainer with a fake tooth) fitted for me. I was able to wear this until my mouth had healed enough to have the permanent crown attached.

Although I felt very self-conscious about the process, most people could not even notice a difference. Now, even I forget I have a dental implant! So, as a fellow resident of Ottawa, in my opinion dental implants are the way to go. Although it felt like a nightmare at first, my dental implant has made me learn to love my smile once again.