Apps for Dental Injury Management

Apps for Dental Injury Management

Apps for Dental Injury Management Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


Smartphones are very important devices. You can essentially carry around all important and pertinent information that you may need throughout the day on your phone; there are built in functions and applications that act as additional data storage, virtual wallets that store credit card information so you can pay for items with the simple swipe or tap of your phone, and many other features that were designed to make your life easier to manage. While some of those items are good, putting certain personal information on a device that could potentially be stolen (either physically or virtually) is something that scares many.

Then there are the applications on your smartphone that are so useful you wonder how you even got on without them beforehand. Some dental applications in particular are making waves for being able to provide information on how to quickly and effectively remedy dental injuries you may be facing. “Many patients and even dental professionals do not know the best way to deal with traumatic dental emergencies. The consequences of mishandled cases can be quite severe, ranging from pain to dental morbidity and tooth loss. Previous studies have shown that visual and audio education on dental trauma management is effective for educating both the general public and dental professionals. Taking advantage of the advances in mobile technology, many health apps have been developed. This study from the UK used the three most common mobile platforms to look at the available mobile apps on emergency dental trauma management and evaluated the quality of these apps — and tried to find the best dental apps. The best dental apps in the study were AcciDent (Android @ $5.31 USD / iTunes (iPhone, iPad) @ $4.99 USD) and Dental Trauma (Android @ $3.08 USD / iTunes (iPhone, iPad) @ $2.99 USD). Researchers felt these apps contained valuable information well worth the cost of downloading the full version of these apps.”

If you are facing a dental emergency make sure to contact your Ottawa dentist immediately. They will be able to help remedy your issue quickly and effectively.