Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

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The mouth is a very important and sensitive part of the body. Whenever gums are enflamed, or a a toothache occurs it can feel as if the whole mouth is out of commission. Things such as talking and eating become much more difficult tasks (and they are the two main functions of the mouth!). When pain strikes, knowing the best and fastest way to remedy it will ensure that the length of endured pain is minimized.

Sometimes however the mouth pain you experience could be a symptom of an issues that requires major and extensive surgery. Thankfully your Ottawa dentist is equipped to handle any type of dental issue and you can work out payment options that work for you and the office. In the UK, a dental organization has taken it upon itself help those who required dental surgery but lacked the funds to afford it. “A ‘pay what you can afford’ dental surgery, the Real Junk Tooth Project, supported by a charity that usually works in the developing world, has stepped in to provide emergency relief in Dewsbury to those who cannot access NHS care or afford to pay for private treatment.

It launched after Paul Burr, founder of the Dewsbury Real Junk Food Project, noticed customers at its ‘pay what you feel’ cafe were unable to eat because of severe toothache. When a dentist visited one day, it sparked an idea to offer free dental care to vulnerable people that slip through the net in a town where NHS provision struggles to keep up with demand. “They can’t afford food so they certainly can’t afford to pay private to get their teeth fixed,” says Burr. The project is supported by charity Dentaid, and is the first of its kind in the UK. On Thursdays between 6-8pm at the Dewsbury Dental Centre, dental professionals volunteer their time to administer treatment on a drop-in basis to vulnerable, low-paid, homeless and migrant patients, many of whom have not visited a dentist for many years.”

A project like this will not only help those individuals improve their dental and overall health, but also improve the quality of their lives.