Implant Restoration

Implant Restoration

Implant Restoration Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

dental implants kanataImplant restoration can offer you important advantages compared to other treatment options, including improved health and appearance. Our patients regularly comment on how this has led to greater self-confidence and a better quality of life.

This procedure of inserting an implant involves attaching an artificial tooth to an implant anchored in the jawbone. After the anchor has been surgically placed in the jawbone, excess bone and gum grow around the implant, holding it firmly in place. This helps to strengthen the implant and make it more durable over time.

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There are 3 phases to this procedure. The first is the placement of the implant by a surgical specialist. The second phase is performed after a period of healing to minimize damage to your jaw. As bone heals slowly, a period of approximately 3-6 months is required for this phase to start. The second phase of treatment consists of the placement of small metal posts to the implanted fixtures. The third phase is the restorative period. This involves fabricating the new replacement teeth and placing them on the implants and abutments.