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Stittsville tooth whitening procedure Kanata

Whiter teeth are desired by most people! After all, who doesn’t want to show a more beautiful smile, right? Our dental professionals have several ways to help those looking to brighten their smiles. Laser whitening is one option. But how does it work? How many sessions are needed to achieve the desired shade? Find out the answers to these questions by reading our content!


The first step is to conduct an assessment with your dentist. During this process, the dental professional checks the initial colour of your teeth and advises you on what to expect with whitening. In other words: it is necessary to analyze each patient’s specific needs on a case by case basis… to determine to what degree the patient’s smile can be made whiter, without making it look unnatural. Additionally, dental cleaning may be necessary to ensure that there is no food residue or excess tartar in the mouth prior to the whitening process. This will improve the results dramatically.

The procedure itself starts off with the application of a high concentration gel on the outer surfaces of your teeth. Then a high-intensity light is shone on your teeth in order to activate the whitening action of the gel. Once completed, the gel is washed off and the first treatment session is complete.

How many sessions are needed?

Stittsville tooth whitening procedure Kanata

Tooth Whitening Procedure – Stittsville

The number of sessions may vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the more stained the teeth, the more you will need to go back to the dentist to have treatment. However, on average, two visits are to be expected. Each consultation and treatment session can last up to one hour, and the interval between visits can be a week.

What precautions should be taken after laser tooth whitening?

Primary care revolves around food and drink. Excessively pigmented or acidic foods should be avoided for at least three days. This includes such things as blueberries, ketchup, red wine, coffee, and tea. Also, citrus and acidic drinks such as lemonade, orange juice, and soda should be avoided!

Sensitivity after tooth whitening: how to avoid?


Dentin hypersensitivity, popularly known as tooth sensitivity, is pain caused by the exposure of dentin, the tooth’s internal structures. Dentin, a region protected by tooth enamel, contains several tubules. These tubules allow communication from the outside elements with the internal nerve (pulp) of the tooth. In these tubules are liquids and nerve endings. Therefore, if there is an external stimulus, there may be dental pain/sensitivity due to sensory transmission via these tubules.

Some factors that can cause this discomfort are extremes in temperature, air, and very sweet or citrus foods. Sensitivity can also be caused by tooth whitening.

To mitigate tooth sensitivity, it is essential to reduce the consumption of food and drinks at extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Another tip is to consult with your dentist on which whitening procedure to implement. Generally, at-home whitening with custom trays and gel will cause less sensitivity than laser methods. The concentration of the whitening gel used in the procedure is much lower than when laser whitening. In addition, the laser whitening is generally more traumatic to the teeth. In the case of at-home tray tooth whitening, the process may take more days to achieve the expected result. However, it is a better option when considering patients who have sensitive teeth.

So pain can be associated with several factors, in addition to tooth whitening. Therefore, you need to consult a dental professional to tell you, with certainty, which of the problems below may be causing it:

a) abrasion caused by incorrect brushing

b) diet consisting of very acidic foods, which can lead to loss of tooth enamel

c) gingival recession, caused by diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis

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