Preventative Cleanings


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail; harsh words but true! If you don’t properly take care of something (by first creating a plan and then sticking to it) the chance for a successful execution of whatever it is your doing becomes diminished.

Your teeth are no different. Creating a plan to keep them as clean and healthy as possible is truly the only way to keep them as clean and healthy as possible. Besides regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing your Ottawa dentist is able to prevent your mouth from becoming vulnerable to any type of decay. One particular preventative cleaning method that is used by some dentists is a protective sealant. “Basically, after the tooth is cleaned, a special gel is placed on the chewing surface for a few seconds. The tooth is washed off and dried, and the sealant is painted on the tooth. The dentist or dental hygienist also may shine a light on the tooth to help harden the sealant. It takes about a minute for the sealant to form a protective shield. Sealants can be clear, white, or slightly tinted, and usually are not seen when a child talks or smiles.”

The best way to ensure you’re always able to smile your brightest is to consult with your Ottawa dentist and have them recommend the best options for your teeth.

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