Secrets and tips your dental clinic wants you to know

Secrets and tips your dental clinic wants you to know

Secrets and tips your dental clinic wants you to know 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

dental clinicRoutine exams with a dental clinic in Kanata is highly important for your health. Not only do you want to keep those pearly whites clean and looking their best, but a routine visit will lessen your chance of infections and other harmful bacteria. Here is a list of some helpful secrets from dentists around the globe that your dental clinic wants you to know.

Health concerns
Many patients are concerned about the radiation and mercury that can be thought to be associated with many dental procedures such as x-rays and fillings. The best dental practices nowadays offer mercury-free dentistry and have advanced digital equipment which allows them to take dental x-rays which are almost no radiation—you would experience more walking around outside for an hour then you’d get from a full set of dental x-rays.

Try Xylitol gum
Instead of popping sugary breath mints or sticks of sugary gum, xylitol gum is a healthy alternative and cavity preventative. Unlike regular gum with plain sugar, Xylitol gum has components that break up bacteria in the mouth.

Take care of your gums
You would rush to emergency if your hands, feet or legs started bleeding each time you rinsed with water. The same goes for bleeding gums. Unless you are scrubbing your teeth, bleeding gums could be an indication that you have periodontal disease.

Know your insurance
Finding out what your insurance covers such as cleanings, filling, X-rays and extractions beforehand will make it a lot easier for the dentist. Assuming that the dental clinic Kanata Dentistry will have all of that information will only prolong the process and further frustration.

Realistic expectations
Since everyone face shape is different, unfortunately you cannot expect your Kanata dentistry clinic to create a new set of teeth will transform you into Jennifer Aniston. While your dentist can definitely make your teeth whiter and straighten your teeth, much of what makes your small unique is defined by the shape of your mouth and jaw and giving you Jennifer Aniston’s line is probably not within the scope of your regular dental exam!

Save garlic for later
While eating that delicious shawarma or herb and garlic bagel from Tim Horton’s might be delicious, it probably isn’t the best food to eat before your dentist appointment. These types of food can stay on your breath long after you’ve enjoyed your last bite. Out of politeness your dentist will generally never tell you your breath is bad, unless you ask, but keep them in mind and save that shawarma until after your cleaning!

Mouth piercing
Mouth piercings pose a threat to your immune system, causing high risk for infections from bacteria. However, a less commonly known problem with tongue piercings is that they cause chips to the front teeth for almost everyone!