Smart Flossing

Smart Flossing

Smart Flossing Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


Flossing is something that is very beneficial to your dental health, but isn’t done regularly by a majority of people. Dentists and dental hygienists constantly will stress the importance of flossing, as it helps rid debris from below the gum line and prevents issues such as gingivitis from occurring. The only way to actually receive the benefits of flossing is to not only remember to floss, but to actually do it on a regular basis; when you make it a part of your routine, things become easier.


A startup company called Flosstime is attempting to make the whole process easier for everyone. They created a floss-dispensing device that adheres to your bathroom mirror and will automatically dispense an 18inch piece of floss at the press of a button. If the device hasn’t been used in a few days it will light up to alert you that it is time to get back to flossing. The product is still in the devlopment stages and is raising money on Kickstarter; if they are able to reach their goal, this device will be available to the public.


Would this type of product help you floss more regularly? If you are someone who doesn’t floss as often as they should, make sure to consult with your local Ottawa dental professional about the benefits of regular flossing (and they might even supply you with some to get started!).