Smile! A Kanata Dental Office Can Help You Make a Great First Impression at Your Next Job Interview

Smile! A Kanata Dental Office Can Help You Make a Great First Impression at Your Next Job Interview

Smile! A Kanata Dental Office Can Help You Make a Great First Impression at Your Next Job Interview 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

JobInterviewYou might be surprised to know that visiting a Kanata dental office for invisible braces might be the key to a successful job interview (by way of your smile). Think about it; once you’ve been called in for an interview, they’ve already reviewed your cover letter and résumé and deemed you qualified for the position (that’s why they called you back for the interview). So, if they already know your skills and qualifications match-up with the job, what’s left? In the end, the real purpose of the interview is to get a feel for the type of person you are. That’s why personality and body language, including your smile, play such a big part in how you’re perceived at this stage of the hiring process.

During an interview, you need to project likeability and confidence, and a genuine smile plays a major role in this. But what if you hold back your smile because you’re ashamed of showing your teeth? You’re smiling on the inside, right? Sorry, that’s not going to cut it! Maybe you’ve thought about braces but figured it’s too late, you’re not 12 after all, right? Wrong! You don’t need to think like that anymore.

With today’s invisible braces technology, more and more adults are giving themselves the beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed about. Just think of any one of the many Kanata dental practices as a source of potential coaches or trainers (dentists…in case you weren’t getting the metaphor) to help get your smile in tip top shape for the “big game”. All it takes is a little time and patience (but much less time since invisible braces work much faster than metal ones). What are you waiting for? Visit one of the many Kanata dental offices ASAP and start practicing your interview skills.

For someone on the job market, the benefits of invisible braces can be seen (pun intended) in both the immediate and longer term. You can start smiling right away without fear of blinding your potential employer with a mouth full of shiny metal (yes, I slightly exaggerate here for effect). And, in the longer term, once you visit your Kanata dental office for the last time and you’re completely free of your invisible braces, you’ll be able to turn on the full wattage of your smile and dazzle in any interview.

Is a smile really that important in getting a job? Well, research findings seem to think so. What is a job interview but a chance to make a first impression and then show your potential employer that you’re a great person to have around (remember, they already know you’re skilled from your cover letter and CV or else they wouldn’t have invited you to do the interview). It apparently takes 7 seconds for someone to form a first impression. This means your opening smile and handshake is about all the time you have so you better make it a good!