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Volunteer Dental

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Give and you shall receive! More than just wise words, but a way in which to live your life. Whenever you’re in a position to help someone improve an aspect of their life you should help. You may believe that the level at which you’re able to help may not be enough to have an impact on that particular individual, but the help may mean more to them than you’ll ever know.

A dentist in the UK took the idea of helping people even further than what he already does on a regular basis. “Piers Lambert, the principle dentist at Colne View Dental Surgery, in Ladysmith Avenue, Brightlingsea, was part of a team of volunteers who visited children in the small village of Kilea, in the Rif Mountains last Saturday. More than 400 youngsters who live there and in neighbouring villages were seen by the volunteers in freezing conditions over just one day. As well as treating and removing teeth from children aged between five and 13 whose mouths were ridden with abscesses, Mr Lambert, 45, helped to distribute fluoride and toothpaste to those who need it most. He said: “The children are living in almost complete poverty. “The children were amazing; they showed so much love and trust, were so brave and many who you would never have known had problems. “Some of them have abscesses and are in pain but they are almost used to it now. “I found it a very emotional and humbling experience.””

The experience was humbling for the dentist and life changing for those he and his team were able to help. Remember that being able to help people is something that you should always do whenever you can. Improved dental health will give those children a new found sense of confidence and help them to lead better lives. Make sure to visit your Ottawa dentist to keep your smile in the best shape possible as well.