What is Bone Grafting?

What is Bone Grafting?

What is Bone Grafting? Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

Bone grafts Aug 13

The human body is something very special and also quite complicated. I mean, we’ve got nerves, muscles, skin, hair, a brain, heart, lungs and…well, you get the point. We’re definitely made up of a complex system. To top everything off, all of those parts I mentioned (in addition to many others) surround our skeletal system made up from a multitude of bones and joints. Ever broken a bone? One of the best parts of the human body is that for the most part once that broken limb is reset and has adequate time to heal, you can essentially go back to life as it was before! However, things can be a little different when it comes to teeth.


If you’ve ever had teeth extracted by a dental professional from a location such as Marchwood Dental, then you understand that after the procedure is completed there is a gap left in your mouth from where the tooth once resided. This newfound hole may not cause any problems for eating or even from an aesthetic perspective, but the implications on your jaw can be serious.


On average 50% of the bone volume in the jaw is lost when an extraction is done which can cause issues for things such as eating. If left untreated certain complications can arise which may be painful and cause future problems with jaw development. Solution? Bone grafting!


Dental professionals at specialized dental offices, such as Marchwood Dental carry out bone grafting procedures. After an extraction is done, bone grafting material (retrieved from a bone bank) is used to help replace lost bone and also helps stimulate new bone growth. After some time has passed, the new bone growth actually will replace the grafted material that was implanted; essentially the graft is a temporary bone enhancer until your own body can catch up!


Bone grafting is a quick, painless and smart addition to any extraction procedure. If you are planning on getting an extraction done speak to your dental professional and find out if a bone graft is the right option for you.