CARLETON PLACE IMPLANTS ALMONTE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

CARLETON PLACE IMPLANTS ALMONTE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

CARLETON PLACE IMPLANTS ALMONTE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants 1920 1835 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa
CARLETON PLACE IMPLANTS ALMONTE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

Implants Almonte Dentists Carleton Place



Reduction of treatment time – With this technique, you can replace a tooth very efficiently and in very few appointments. The conventional method of implant placement for tooth replacement requires a waiting time of about three to six months until it is possible to make the definitive crown or prosthesis. This is due to the time required for proper bone regeneration (definitive union between the bone and the implant.) With immediate implants, a temporary crown can be fixed onto the implant immediately after surgery, in which case the patient does not need to use removable replacement prostheses.

A single surgical procedure – Instead of using a healing abutment that shapes the gingival tissue for a few days in the traditional method, with immediate loading the provisional crown takes care of this requirement, providing a tooth to replace the space for superior aesthetic results. The number of times the patient needs to go to the clinic to complete the treatment is hence significantly reduced.

Avoids the appearance of missing teeth and the discomfort of removable dentures – Immediate loaded dentures replace several missing teeth. In such cases, the fear of a toothless appearance disappears as well as the difficulty of adapting to removable dentures. Psychological and social factors associated with missing teeth are eliminated.


ALMONTE IMPLANTS CARLETON PLACE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

ALMONTE IMPLANTS CARLETON PLACE: Benefits and risks of Immediate Loading Implants

Immediate Loading Implants

Implants Almonte Dentists Carleton Place


Rejection – Any surgery has a risk of rejection. This is true of conventional and immediate loading. This can happen if the bone cells do not adhere to the implant or if the surrounding gingival tissue becomes infected. This only happens less than 1% of the time, so the failure rate with implants is extremely rare.

Excessive force – The implant must be free of tension or excessive force; it is essential that the temporary crown is not exerted upon too heavily for the duration of time necessary for osteointegration.


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  • You get the luxury of having a fixed tooth to replace your missing tooth on the same day.
  • Single surgical time; it means you go to the dentist fewer times to complete the treatment.
  • Aesthetic appearance is instantly improved.
  • This technique decreases bone resorption when the extraction and placement of the fixed tooth are done simultaneously.
  • The contour of the prosthesis (crown) is more natural.
  • Fixed transition prostheses are applied immediately.
  • The person immediately regains the function of chewing.
  • The feelings of self-esteem and well-being are not compromised.


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  • The treatment is a little more expensive because extra parts are needed for the preparation of the provisional fixed prosthesis.
  • There is a greater risk of fibro-integration (lack of adequate and proper bone formation around the implant.)

Main differences between treatment with traditional implants and immediate loading

Both immediate loading treatments and conventional implants can be successfully performed despite different techniques and indications. Immediate loading allows us to solve clinical cases in a short time and therefore presents greater comfort for the patient. As long as the foundations of the surgical and prosthetic protocols are taken into consideration, it is a reliable option.

Conventional treatment is done in several stages and takes a little longer. It is necessary to wait for bone regeneration for about two to four months and during this time removable prostheses are used.

The decision to choose either technique lies with the dentist and what the patient presents with. After analyzing the biological factors, the physiological constraints, the occlusion (bite), the absence of periapical lesions (abscesses/cysts), the dentist, and the patient must choose the technique that allows for the highest success rate of oral rehabilitation.

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