Complete Guide to Clear Esthetic Aligners and Retainers, Invisalign Dental Appliances, Braces

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The decision to make a change is an important one. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are choosing the best option when talking about your oral health.

A beautiful and healthy smile can unlock renewed self-esteem and bring more confidence to your daily life. Being as informed as possible before starting any kind of cosmetic dental treatment is an important factor in the process.

In this post, we will present information on the use of Clear Esthetic Aligners (or retainers) in Invisalign treatment. This modern type of treatment is one of the most ideal orthodontic methods used in the dental field today, created with patient comfort and cosmetics in mind! Want to know more? Please read on…


The first step in starting treatment with Invisalign esthetic aligners is an initial evaluation with a dental professional. At this initial consultation stage, the dentist takes questions and proceeds to scan your smile and mouth. This is a similar process to the orthodontic putty impressions taken for conventional braces, but with a no-mess, easy-to-use, fast and efficient digital 3D scanner!

From the information collected, the dental professional receives 3D images of your smile, in addition to a monthly mapping of the tooth movement that will be performed with the Invisalign esthetic aligners. The document is a detailed map of your smile, even predicting the estimated time for treatment from beginning to end. This information provides details on how to make the aligners much more practical, comfortable and efficient.

  • Personalized treatment
  • 3D scanning for planning
  • Individual custom aligners made exclusively for you
  • Discreet clear retainers, that are removable and comfortable


The Invisalign treatment plan and esthetic aligners are unique, serving each patient in a personalized way. These are unlike ordinary orthodontic devices, in which standard metal brackets and wires are used.

Each aligner is designed individually via stereolithography, giving you all the comfort, you deserve. When you use the esthetic aligners from Invisalign, you notice the difference right away, because they are practically invisible and barely noticeable. They allow you to follow your regular routine, while most people will never realize you are wearing them!

You can continue your gym schedule, school classes, time at the salon, birthday parties, or the meeting at a coffee shop with friends… the Invisalign esthetic aligners will suit your routine no matter what you decide to do. At each step, you can check your progress and enjoy your smile as it changes!

You don’t have to stop doing the things you love! Check the list of things that are not affected during treatment:

  • Eat your favorite foods;
  • Maintain your routine of physical activities;
  • Perform complete oral hygiene;
  • Smile without fear or embarrassment.

Problems solved by using the Esthetic Invisalign Aligner

Crossbite – unfavorable condition in which the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth.

Edge to Edge Bite – causes problems in chewing and can cause tooth fractures, bone loss, gum recession and potential dysfunction in the TMJ.

Excessive Overjet – This occurs when the upper front teeth are positioned much more forward in relation to the lower front teeth.

Open Bite – Occurs when the upper front teeth do not touch the lower front teeth when biting, which makes biting difficult.

Crowding – Characterized by the lack of space within the bite, making it impossible for the teeth to fit in natural alignment. Thus, the teeth group, overlap, and twist, being pushed forward or backward.

Diastema – Characterized by the presence of extra space between two or more teeth. This can cause “deposits” between the teeth and the gums, where leftover food traps, causing inflammation and potential cavities.

Deviation from Midline – The midline (or median) is an imaginary line that crosses the entire body, that is, it divides us into two halves (Right and Left).

What is the advantage of Invisalign clear esthetic aligners?

Invisalign dental retainers - Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata

Invisalign dental retainers – Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata

For Doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists or anyone else in the work-force who deals directly with the public, a smile is an important factor that affects the overall appearance. Awareness of options to improve your smile is vital. Making the right decision about treatment options is crucial. Clear esthetic aligners can be the solution to address your orthodontic needs.

Check out how to maintain the clear esthetic aligner

With appearance still a highly relevant criterion in today’s world, it is important not to neglect it. According to surveys, the business market ranks highly of those professionals who are concerned with their health, overall well-being, and personal care.

Therefore, Invisalign is ideal for such professionals and people from all walks of life. Unlike conventional treatments, these methods provide some unique advantages.

For example, every single Invisalign aligner is made exclusively for each patient. This is possible thanks to the smile scanning CAD-CAM system, which custom makes each piece tailored to every individual smile.

Food and hygiene

Eating is also not restrictive: it is possible to continue eating and drinking whatever you want; just remove the Invisalign aligners and enjoy! When removing the aligners only for eating and brushing/flossing, you can do so remembering to respect the minimum time of use: 20 to 22 hours daily. You sleep with your aligners in.

Although they appear delicate, the aligners are made of premium polyurethane and are quite resilient. This material makes them resistant to cracks and fractures.

However, follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding care: always keep the appliance in its protective box when not in use. Also, take care of your dental hygiene. The prevention of tartar and cavities is crucial in the overall process.

After meals, brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, then put your aligners back in. Your aligners should be cleaned simply with your toothbrush and some toothpaste, and periodically with over-the-counter products specifically designed to remove stains.

As one of Marchwood’s longtime Dental Professionals, Dr. Bahram Mostaghaci has 15 years of experience when it comes to the use of invisible retainers in orthodontics. That is, we know perfectly how to make you smile the way you always wanted! Marchwood Dental Clinic also offers several other treatments in the areas of implants and tooth replacement.