Dental implants Kanata: How is the procedure done and what are its advantages?

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Kanata dental implants

A dental implant is an excellent option for patients who need to replace a missing tooth or complete oral rehabilitation. Traditional implant treatment has become a very common, non-invasive and routine modern for tooth replacement. The process has evolved into an ideal one, especially for those who are afraid of having “surgery.”

In addition to renewed self-esteem, the treatment is able to bring back the patient’s quality of life. There are many people who are not always able to adapt to a denture of removable dental prosthesis, as the prosthesis does may not offer very good stability when chewing, in addition to not being aesthetically very pleasant.

Want to know more about the dental implant?  Continue reading this article to understand in more detail how this procedure is perfromed and its advantages in patient care!


A dental implant is essentially a high-grade, pure titanium post that is placed in the jaw bone. The purpose is to replace a missing tooth or in cases where there are no teeth, and the patient is in need of a denture, the implants can support the denture by locking it into place.  In some cases, the dentist performs a small field CT scan of the patient’s mouth, and a simulation of the treatment is designed to aid in determining where the implants will be placed. Technology has made the process more simple and accurate than ever before.


Once local anaesthesia is administered, a small incision is made in the gum. Once the sizes and parameters are determined, the dental implant is placed in the jaw bone with high speed instruments. Small sutures in the localized treatment site complete the process. The patient’s recovery with implant placement is extremely fast; something that is quite surprising to most!

With this technique, a patient’s denture can also be improved by leaps and bounds. For such patients with loose and ill-fitting dentures, several titanium pins can be placed. Instead of these implants acting as individual tooth replacements, they in fact act together to lock into the patient’s own denture rendering it immobile and stable. The rock-solid nature of the denture then allows the patient to eat steak and raw fruits and vegetables with ease. The procedure can be done in both the upper and lower arches, serving as support for the removable prosthesis.


The treatment is ideal for patients who have lost all teeth or have used dentures for a long time. However, it is necessary to have a good amount of solid bone structure; otherwise, before placing the implants, it will be necessary to perform a bone graft. This is often anticiopated and quite common before the actual implant procedure.

Often patients who need to replace all their teeth have a fast and smooth recovery with this technique.


Even though the procedure is less invasive than many others in dentistry, the patient must follow the instructions of the dentist to recover quickly. There is no need for the patient to move away from his or her day-to-day routines, including work and exercise regimens.

Pain and swelling are much reduced with implant procedures. But care with food during the postoperative period and good hygiene habits must be maintained in order not to put the success of the treatment at risk.

Furthermore, after treatment, the oral hygiene routine must be efficient; if the patient has gingivitis or poor gum health, this can at in some cases impair healing and the ultimate stability and longevity of the dental implant.


Kanata Implants retainers

Kanata Implants retainers

Like any dental procedure, the implant offers several advantages for the patient. Next, we will mention some of the significant benefits of the dental implant. Take a look!

Improves chewing and digestion

In many cases, a denture does not provide stability when eating, impairing the person’s pleasure at mealtime, as they cannot grind food well. Then, food reaches the stomach in very large pieces, which impairs digestion.

Subsequently, the nutrients present in food are not properly absorbed by the body, causing nutritional deficiencies and long-term negative health consequences. By opting for a dental implant, the patient has much more comfort when chewing and avoids problems with food digestion.

Increases the ease of performing oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is much more practical when the patient has a dental implant, as there is no need to keep removing the prosthesis to clean it and the mouth and gums. When a person wears a removable denture, they are required to remove the prosthesis every day before going to bed and leave it in a container. With the implant, this is not necessary, which makes oral hygiene simpler and more practical.

Ensures greater comfort during treatment

As it is a less invasive surgery than most imagine, the dental implant requires less anesthesia than some other conventional dental procedures, which offers more comfort to the patient. In addition, the surgery is fast, as the planning is done well before the procedure is initiated. It is not necessary to spend hours in the operating room, as the dentist knows exactly where to place each implant.

Eliminates the stress when eating… whether in private or in public!!

There is nothing more unpleasant than worrying about what you should and should not eat, or if your denture is going to fall out especially when you are in public! This is a common situation for people who wear removable prostheses.

With the dental implant, there is no need to be afraid of experiencing embarrassment when eating. Chewing is comfortable, as the prosthesis is fixed, offering safety and comfort. Additionally, even if you are not a denture-wearer, but have multiple missing teeth, these spaces can trap food which can ultimately put more pressure on the remaining teeth and exert pressure on the exposed gum.

Improves aesthetic quality

Despite being made with quality materials, dentures do not provide as much of an aesthetic result as dental implants. The smile of a person using a mobile, removable prosthesis is artificial, which is not the case with dental implantsmade with custom-shaded ceramics and porcelain. Implants make the patient’s smile much more beautiful and natural.

Improves patient self-esteem

Patients who wear dentures don’t always feel safe with their appearance, but when they undergo dental implant treatment, things change. The results are better, and the shame of smiling is gone! This improves self-esteem and quality of life.

As we have seen, dental implantation is a safe and easy procedure and offers several benefits to the patient. But remember that, for the best treatment results , it is necessary to select competent professionals for the job, as the technique requires specific knowledge and extensive training to be performed well.

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Kanata Implants

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