Get To Know Your Toothpaste

Get To Know Your Toothpaste

Get To Know Your Toothpaste Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


With anything, having knowledge is power. The more you know about a particular subject, the better you’ll be at answering questions about it and making the right decisions when it comes to making a choice between items that may appear similar on the surface. Having that extra knowledge can sometimes be the deciding factor of whether you are on the right track or are taking a dangerous path.


Brushing with toothpaste is important to help achieve a healthy and brighter smile, but certain types of toothpaste can actually be detrimental to your overall health. Here are some things to be aware of before you purchase and/or use toothpaste:


The Type

It’s something you may not have really given much thought; you need toothpaste, so you buy some right? The only problem is that there are some toothpaste options that contain ingredients that can actually be harmful to your body if ingested or used in copious amounts. A common toothpaste ingredient to be aware of is sodium lauryl sulfate; more commonly known as soap. Hydrated silica (the ingredient in those packets you find in items you buy to help prevent moisture from forming) is another ingredient found in whitening toothpastes. When buying toothpaste, check the list of ingredients thoroughly. A good option is one that either doesn’t have these additives or they are in very low amounts.


The Amount

The amount you put on your brush is important; all that is required is the equivalent to the size of a pea. Anything more than this is ineffective and may be potentially harmful if the toothpaste you’re using contains a large amount of sodium lauryl sulfate or hydrated silica.


If you’re unsure about toothpaste ingredients and their effects, consult with your local Ottawa dental professional. They will be able to help guide you in making the best toothpaste choice.