Maintaining Tongue Cleanliness

Maintaining Tongue Cleanliness

Maintaining Tongue Cleanliness Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


Staying clean is something we should always do. Yes, there are good bacteria that need to stick around in order for us to stay healthy, but regular brushing of the teeth and bathing of the skin is essential to our overall health. When you really think about it, throughout the course of a full 24 hours, our bodies go through a lot. Whether it’s just walking to the bus stop and a gust of wind filled with surrounding dust and dirt hits you directly in the face (and you were on the phone at the time, so some of it got into your mouth as well) or dealing with animals either because it’s your profession or you have some at home. It is easy to get dirty and just as easy to get clean again.


When brushing your teeth, most may feel that brushing your teeth and gums, flossing and rinsing is enough but they are missing a very key part of the mouth: the tongue. The appendage that helps make speech possible goes through a lot every day (from eating to licking stamps) and needs to get the same love as the rest of your mouth during a cleaning.


Regular cleaning of the tongue ensures that all food and debris that was left on it from your meals gets properly cleared away and it can also help promote better digestive health and eliminate bad breath. Many manual toothbrushes are equipped with a tongue-cleaning feature, usually on the back of the brush head. If you’re brush doesn’t have this feature you can also purchase a tongue-scraping device at any pharmacy. Consult with your local Ottawa dental professional about tongue cleaning techniques and how it can benefit your overall mouth health.