Have Dental, Will Travel

Have Dental, Will Travel

Have Dental, Will Travel Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether your trip only last a weekend or several weeks, travelling is usually a joy. Put aside layovers, long wait times, delays, booking issues and the like, being able to arrive at new destinations and create new experiences is what good memories are made of.

A couple of Mexican dental associations have decided to change the way vacations and dentistry work altogether. “Two dental associations have combined to offer patients high-quality dental services with free estimates and referrals. Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association in Mexico has been assisting foreign dental travel patients for over a decade. Certified Dentists International (CDI) is based in Asia and is now expanding into many countries worldwide. Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association is now affiliated with Certified Dentists Internationale. Combined they assist thousands of patients annually in selecting the best dental tourism dentists. They coordinate estimates and x-rays, make referrals and set appointments without any additional cost to the patient. They also offer dental tourism travel tips and assist with arranging local transport. They only offer dentists who are board certified in their countries. Treatment offers include dental specialties such as dental implants, oral restorations, oral surgery, cosmetic dental makeovers, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics.”

Being able to provide those two services together may seem a little odd, but there’s obviously a market that appreciates having these services together. Before you decide to take your next trip, make sure your mouth looks it’s best by visiting your Ottawa dentist.