It’s All in the Tooth

It’s All in the Tooth

It’s All in the Tooth Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


Teeth: your smile would be empty without them! Beyond that, they are an integral part of how we are able to conduct our daily lives. Speech, eating and just having to interact with other people face to face are all affected by our teeth as well. The loss of teeth is a normal occurrence; whether it happens through decay from poor hygiene or due to an accident or sports injury it is something that can easily be remedied today through advances in modern dentistry.

Pain can be a factor when it comes to anything that has to do with the mouth. A toothache or gum pain are issues that may arise from time to time within the mouth. When it comes to natural tooth loss or the extraction of teeth for the placement of implants, pain may sometimes exist. However, there is some interesting dental implant technology on the rise that may be able to make the pain that exists after a procedure a thing of the past, especially for those who may suffer from chronic illnesses that make them more susceptible to pain and require regular medicine. “Drug-loaded dental implants which release payload on-demand could alleviate invasive procedures associated with chronic diseases, scientists suggest”

This could truly be a revolutionary accomplishment for the dental industry and help many people in the process. Dealing with any kind of pain is never enjoyable. Contact your Ottawa dentist and they provide all necessary information in regards to the pain management techniques they use to maximize the level of comfort for all patients.