Ottawa Dental Implants a.k.a. Your New (Biomechanical) Teeth

Ottawa Dental Implants a.k.a. Your New (Biomechanical) Teeth

Ottawa Dental Implants a.k.a. Your New (Biomechanical) Teeth 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

dental ImplantsWhen I think of dental implants I think about those futuristic sci-fi movies with superhuman cyborgs. This isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Dental implants are manufactured teeth that are literally fused with your jawbone. These are man-made elements that act like a part of your body.

Dental implants are artificial teeth placed into your jaw, acting like natural teeth roots. Ottawa and Kanata dentistry experts can help you attain a full functional set of teeth if you’ve somehow lost some teeth. They’re great because Ottawa dental implants look natural and feel extremely comfortable. You’ll feel superhuman.

Surgery Expectations

Like most surgeries, anesthesia is applied before operation. In some cases (my favourite ones), you’ll be knocked out completely and wake up in what seems like 2 minutes. Unfortunately, slight discomfort may occur post-surgery. Here’s some good news: most patients after operation report feeling less pain than expected or none at all!


The rapid popularity of Ottawa dental implants has resulted in an increased amount of Kanata dentistry professionals who’ve learned the procedure. In Canada, the number of procedures performed annually has almost tripled since 2005 according to the Oral Health Group. Meaning by now, Ottawa and Kanata dentistry professionals have had plenty of practice.

Candidate Requirements

Dental implants are suitable for almost anyone. All you need is general good health and healthy gums. For people with small or shrunken jawbones, Ottawa and Kanata dentistry experts can recommend a bone graft to be done. This is a way of adding new bone to the jaw.

Did you know?

After surgery, it may take up to a year for full recovery. But relax. Ottawa and Kanata dentistry specialists agree that you’ll be able to eat normal foods after a maximum of 6 weeks.

Kanata dentistry experts recognize 3 parts to the procedure, which include the surgery, the healing time, and the final placement of the crown. What’s cool is that during the healing period, your jawbone and gums grow around the artificial root, treating it like part of your body. It’s a biomechanical extension where the organic and inorganic parts work together.


Dental implants are like an investment. Life-cycle cost is important to consider for dental implants. Installing Ottawa dental implants are permanent, which will eliminate the fees needed for typical denture replacement.

 Post-Surgery Success! Now what?

I won’t write about having a new beautiful smile that you get to flash around. It’s much more than that. Dental implants, in most simple terms, let you live the quality of life that everyone deserves. Taking care of your dental implants simply requires regular brushing and flossing, and of course, biannual dentist visits. It’s almost like you have the surgery to forget that you ever needed it.