Bridging The Toothy Gap – Getting Dental Bridges In Kanata

Bridging The Toothy Gap – Getting Dental Bridges In Kanata

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Dental BridgesGone are the days when squirting apple juice out of the gap in your teeth was a fun way to entertain friends during lunch hour. There wasn’t a better way to impress a crowd than sticking a straw through the hole where your baby tooth once resided and sucking back a glass of milk while the other kids watched in awe. Now as an adult, you’re not only missing a tooth, but you’ve lost the confidence you once had while showing off your pearly whites. Instead of waiting for the tooth fairy to grant you a new smile, a visit to your dental clinic to get a dental bridge in Kanata may be just what you need.

Bridge Over Troubled Teeth
So what is a dental bridge anyway? It’s quite literally a bridge that fits over your existing adjacent teeth where the gap in your mouth is. It replaces your missing tooth and gives you the complete smile you’ve been missing.  Each dental bridge made in Kanata is custom-made to fit your mouth and improves the natural contour of your teeth while restoring the proper bite relationship between your upper and lower teeth. Made from durable ceramic or a ceramic alloy mix, dental bridges are a smart choice to fix your smile.

A Smile That Keeps On Giving
There are several dental clinics who provide dental bridges in Kanata  so you can  show off your smile again. Not only will bridging the gap in your mouth make you feel better, but there are several oral health benefits as well.  While having a missing tooth may be unsightly, it can also put a lot of stress on the surrounding teeth and even cause bone loss in your jaw. It can affect every day actions like your speech, how you chew and even result in unwanted pain. Getting dental bridges from a Kanata dental clinic will put your mouth at ease and give you a fuller and more confident smile.

Comfortable, Quality Teeth
Dental bridges sit securely and comfortably in your mouth and help prevent any further damage  your missing tooth otherwise may have caused. They are semi-permanent and are the second most durable method compared to dental implants. Though implants come in first place for quality and longevity, getting a dental bridge in Kanata will give you the smile you’ve been longing for still with the quality you need.