Ottawa Dental Implants: Something to Smile About

Ottawa Dental Implants: Something to Smile About

Ottawa Dental Implants: Something to Smile About 150 150 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

Ottawa dental implants, dentistFor years before deciding to have dental implants I was uncomfortable with my teeth. A lateral incisor was loose for a number of years, eventually falling out two years prior to deciding to undergo dental implants. A second molar also was missing and after once undergoing a root canal on the same tooth, I put it to rest and believed it would be best to avoid this issue for a number of years. A lower front tooth was also badly chipped after a skating accident on the Rideau Canal- a fun and memorable time forever imprinted on my teeth. The result was a not so pretty smile. I even noticed that I was unable to pronounce some letters clearly due to the spaces at the front of my mouth. I was surprised at how missing teeth affected my chewing, after all a healthy smile is one thing so many of us take for granted. We forget how important they are –until they go missing. But we do have options.

My dentist advised me that there were some other options, including bridges. But, for me, dental implants seemed to be the optimal choice, as it provided a stable grounding for some of the other dental work that needed to be done. I wanted to be sure that I would make a choice that would support future dental work. My dentist provided me with solid and helpful information that by the end, made me feel confident with the procedure. I was pleased to find out that my insurance covered most of my procedure.

Finding a dentist to work wonders on my teeth, with plenty of experience and knowledge was what I was searching for to help ease my anxieties. However, to my surprise there are many qualified Ottawa dental implant professionals to choose from. The procedure took a total of three appointments. Placing the implant under the skin was slightly uncomfortable, requiring some healing time that good ibuprofen soothed. After three months, the dental implant settled and we were ready for an impression and eventually permanent crowns were fixed into my implants. What a relief, after spending so many years with an unattractive smile, following the final installment, my teeth finally were filled and my smile restored to its luster.

My teeth are now one of my best assets. I feel younger with a radiant smile; and do so with confidence. Brushing is easy and food no longer gets stuck in the ridges in my mouth. I used to hate when this happened. Such a nice way to enjoy chewing, eating and smiling- and life is general! Getting Ottawa dental implants was the best decision I’ve made in a long time –I’ll ever be grateful! This weekend I skated on the Rideau Canal with my grandchildren, with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face.