What’s new with dental implant technology? – Kanata Dental Implant Dunrobin

What’s new with dental implant technology? – Kanata Dental Implant Dunrobin

What’s new with dental implant technology? – Kanata Dental Implant Dunrobin 1920 1081 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

What’s new with dental implant technology?

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Losing a tooth can be upsetting but fortunately, a dental implant is a seamless and highly-effective artificial replacement that can be fitted into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth. The technology used in this procedure has evolved enormously over the years, resulting in an aesthetically-pleasing outcome as well as strong and natural-feeling teeth.

Here, we talk to dental implant surgeon Dr. Bahram Mostaghaci at Marchwood Dental in Kanata, about what happens during the dental implantology procedure and how it has developed over the years to leave patients feeling comfortable and confident about their smile again.


How has dental implant technology evolved?

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The technology in the field of dental implantology has evolved in the past recent years with the use of dental photography, 3D CAD-CAM scanning, and 3D printing. These have improved the accuracy of making dental restorations and implant abutments.

In the same manner, the use of CT scans has elevated the process of placing implants as they provide a high level of detail and allow dental surgeons to plot the dental implant location very accurately.


Computer-designed implant prosthetics

This technology aims to create exact duplicates of the missing teeth, which can be fabricated and be replaced in the mouth. Once a broken or defective biological tooth is taken out, the replica is then placed in the empty space over the implant. The best thing about this technology is that it offers patients a symptom-free healing process, which also, in turn, is advantageous for dentists as it gives them a more effective and efficient way to create dental implant crowns.


Antibacterial coating

Another new breakthrough in dental technology has seen the possibility of developing an antibacterial dental implant coating product. This innovation, while still not widely available, will definitely increase the longevity of dental implants.

Food with a high acid content can cause extensive acid erosion of the dental enamel of natural teeth. This process can impact dental implants as well. This is because the compounds that dental implants are made from aim to mimic natural teeth. But with this recent development, dental implant patients are given more freedom to drink and eat things they want without the threat of destroying or damaging their dental implants.


How have these factors improved the outcome of dental implants?

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Innovation in the field of dental implants has tackled many problems, including the issue of bone loss caused by missing teeth. Bone loss is a very adverse consequence of tooth loss, not only for the remaining teeth but also for the integrity of the facial structure.

If a tooth is lost and not quickly replaced with a dental implant, over time the bone left behind will recede and give the face a sunken appearance. Bone grafts revitalize and rejuvenate the face while providing the best possible foundation for dental implant treatment.

Bone grafts and soft tissue grafts are used to restore the original teeth and gums contours in a natural way. In many cases, the placement of a bone substitute biomaterial may be sufficient to acquire some bulk properties, shaping the contour of the bone and soft tissues and ultimately providing a better aesthetic outcome.

The dental implant industry has been consistent in making breakthroughs and finding more innovative ways to improve the overall quality and standards of its products. Indeed, the recent developments in implant dental technology make getting dental implants more and more attractive for patients. Currently, a dental implant can last a lifetime, compared to the lifespan of dentures which has no guarantees of longevity. When combined with a consistent oral hygiene regimen, this promising treatment modality could potentially result in a permanent tooth replacement that can last a lifetime.

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