5 reasons why a Dental Implant is your best option for Tooth Replacement – Kanata Missing Teeth Almonte

5 reasons why a Dental Implant is your best option for Tooth Replacement – Kanata Missing Teeth Almonte

5 reasons why a Dental Implant is your best option for Tooth Replacement – Kanata Missing Teeth Almonte 1200 631 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa

5 reasons why a Dental Implant is your best option for Tooth Replacement

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Teeth are important. Healthy teeth and gums not only help you show off a fantastic smile, but they also help you maintain good overall health. The absence of a tooth or multiple teeth can make common tasks such as chewing and speaking much more difficult. It is a reality that 92 percent of adults, between the ages of 20-64 suffer from tooth decay. Similarly, the number of individuals who suffer from missing teeth is rather high as well. Fortunately, with today’s dental advancements, there are a number of solutions.

When you lose a tooth, you have several different tooth replacement options, such as dentures, a bridge, or most ideally, a dental implant. Discover why dental implants are the most reliable, comfortable, and attractive tooth replacement option.

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Understand the Dental Implant

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A dental implant is a small titanium post that a dentist embeds into the jawbone to serve as the foundation for a replacement tooth. For complex cases, dental implants are often placed over a period of several months. Many simpler cases are eligible for same-day dental implants, yet the costs involved for same-day dental implants are typically higher. Whichever procedure is used, the many benefits of dental implants make dental implant costs well worth it in the end.

5 Reasons to Opt for a Dental Implant

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There are several reasons why dental implants are the most popular and preferred tooth replacement treatment over every other available option. The primary reasons are:

  1. Implants maintain the facial appearance and look natural – When you lose teeth, your face starts to collapse and look sunken in. Dental implants can preserve facial structure and keep you looking more youthful. The key reason for this is because dental implants maintain and preserve the jaw bone. Their presence prevents gradual bone resorption, whereas other options do not. Dental technology has improved greatly over the past couple of decades. Dentures are now more natural-looking than in past years and can blend in with your surrounding teeth if you have a partial set. There are several types, and the quality of dentures you buy will influence how natural they look. Yet they do not come close to the esthetic possibilities and attributes of dental implant therapy. Dental implants are the most natural-looking solution for tooth loss. Each implant has a crown (replacement tooth) created for it using a digital scan of your mouth. From this scan, measurements are taken to create the perfect size and shape of a crown. Once in place, your implant crown will blend in completely with the rest of your natural teeth, so no one can tell the difference between what is natural and what is not.
  2. Implants keep teeth in place – When a large gap is left after the loss or removal of a tooth, the remaining teeth begin to shift. But dental implants keep teeth in their proper position. Nothing can compare with the security and stability of dental implants, the only surgical replacement to tooth loss. The titanium implant post is secured under the gums, directly into the jawbone. Once in place, and the crown fixated onto the implant post, adjacent tooth movement is eliminated.
  3. Implants preserve the jawbone and add reliability – Without a tooth root in the jaw, the jawbone resorbs and melts away. But a dental implant takes the place of the root to keep the bone present and healthy. The implant will provide security to your jaw and the rest of your teeth so you can bite down with full force, without worrying about anything.
  4. Implants are superior to denturesDentures tend to be uncomfortable, move around, fall out at times, make eating a challenge, and affect speech. Plus, they often require periodic repair and replacement. Though dental implant costs are initially higher, dentures eventually need more costly care and maintenance over time. An implant will not change your routine because it behaves and looks just like the rest of your natural teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, will impact your routine because you will need to adjust how and what you eat, and how you go about your day-to-day life.
  5. Implants are better than bridgesBridges can severely affect the neighboring teeth because they are supported by the teeth directly adjacent to the space needing replacement. Instead of being secured by a tooth root or implant, the space slated for a bridge is secured by the two teeth on either side of the space. These anchor teeth are shaved down in order to fit the bridge on top. Bridges can end up being an even more costly option as the anchor teeth holding the bridge in place often need root canals. Dental implants are cared for just like natural teeth. You simply need to brush and floss your teeth like normal and have them professionally maintained routinely by your hygienist. Dentures, on the other hand, need to be removed every night to be cleaned and soaked. Bridges are more difficult to clean as they are fused together in one long unit. Floss threaders need to be used in order to get under the bridge.
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Dental implants have many attributes and features that provide the most valuable benefit to your oral health. The titanium posts we use for dental implants are of the highest grade and quality. They bond seamlessly with your jawbone through the process of osseointegration. This is because your body reacts to titanium like natural matter. It is a highly biocompatible material, also used for knee and hip replacements. Once osseointegration has taken place, your jawbone will provide stability to your new tooth and your implant will provide stimulation to your jaw, serving to prevent resorption.

Discussing the options with a professional is the only way to ensure you get the best specific treatment you need. Consult our dentists at Marchwood Dental to find the best option for you.

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