Ask Your Dentist: Implants, Bridges or Dentures?

Ask Your Dentist: Implants, Bridges or Dentures?

Ask Your Dentist: Implants, Bridges or Dentures? Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa


For many residents of Kanata, dental implants are only one of the many options they are considering when wishing to restore their smile. Indeed, they might also visit their dentist and ask: “what are the differences between dental implants, bridges and dentures? Which options should I choose?”

Whether you and your dentist are looking to replace one single tooth or more, this is a valid and important question.

As dentists will tell you, dental implants offer the best solution possible to restore your smile to its healthy and youthful state. If you are also in the process of deciding what treatment option is best for you, read the following tips to learn more about how dental implants can improve your oral health today!

Dental Implants: Helping Your Natural Jawbone

A dental implant procedure consists of permanently fixing a crown (an artificial tooth) with the help of a small titanium post in the area of the missing tooth.

Your dentist will tell you that dental implants help prevent bone loss around what used to be the empty space in your gums. Indeed, with a fixed dental implant in place, your body will naturally begin to produce additional bone mass around the tooth, keeping your natural facial features intact.

A New Meaning for Comfort Food!

Unlike dentures, with dental implants you can eat, bite and chew without worrying that your teeth will begin to move uncomfortably at any point, especially when eating foods like apples or red meats.

Indeed, many denture manufacturers will recommend that patients choose to eat soft foods or soups.  However, dental implants will not limit you at the dinner table since they are considered to act almost like normal teeth… minus the cavities as well!

What about Dental Bridges?

While dental bridges are a good options for patients who are not candidates for oral surgery, dental implants are still considered a better option than dental bridges in the long-term.

While dental bridges do not require surgery, the teeth surrounding the area of the missing tooth will be affected by the installation of the bridge. Furthermore, since dental bridges are not designed to behave like natural teeth, cleaning and preventing decay is much more difficult with this option.

While bridges are less expensive in the short-term, dentists agree that dental implants are the most reliable and permanent solution to replace a tooth.

Luckily for those who live in Kanata, dental implants are a safe, easy and affordable treatment option!