Oral rehabilitation with dental implants: Understand the oral rehabilitation process with titanium dental implants – Kanata

Oral rehabilitation with dental implants: Understand the oral rehabilitation process with titanium dental implants – Kanata

Oral rehabilitation with dental implants: Understand the oral rehabilitation process with titanium dental implants – Kanata 1920 1280 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa
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Who doesn’t want to have a celebrity smile? The answer is unanimous, but what is not so common is the knowledge of how such goals are achieved. Do you know, for example, what oral rehabilitation is?

In this text, you will learn about the technique that uses titanium dental implants to bring about the confidence to smile and the ability to eat whetever your heart desires! Continue to read to understand how it’s all done.


To make it more clear how oral rehabilitation works, think of a building structure. If its base is damaged, this can lead to serious foundation problems and even cause the building to collapse. With teeth, the same concepts apply. Every tooth needs a solid root structure within the jaw to support the tooth. If the whole tooth and root is lost for any reason, a new “root” can be fashioned by the placement of a dental implant. A crown is subsequently placed on the implant to regain what was once lost, ultimately recovering the patient’s oral health in the process.

The name may not seem familiar, but oral rehabilitation is nothing more than a method that involves several procedures so that you can regain a beautiful and functional smile. But, only with a visit to the dentist can you discover what is really suitable for you.

implants kanata oral rehabilitation

Implants kanata oral rehabilitation

For those who have damaged teeth, the titanium dental implant provides the perfect solution, as it manages to rehabilitate the damaged site, without sacrificing aesthetics. After the initial consultation, the dental professional usually implants a fixed prosthesis to gain stability, reconstructing the dental root.

Another key point, is that the implant or post is made of pure titanium. This metal in the mouth provides the most biocompatibility in humans. Knee and hip replacements use the same product!

The treatment, suitable for those who suffer from tooth loss, is not only aimed at beauty, but also restoring the oralcavity to its former glory. Find out from our dentists, whether you would benefit from this process!


Oral rehabilitation treatment is indicated mainly for those who have lost several teeth or for those who suffer any from gum pain, lack of oral comfort, and issues related to eating.

Gingivitis, periodontitis and bruxism are among the conditions that can be addressed and successfully treated with this effective treatment, since oral rehabilitation works to bring about and maintain complete oral health for the long-term.


You understand how and for whom oral rehabilitation with titanium implants works. However, what are the benefits that the process brings to the person’s life? We can talk about at least 5 positive consequences, starting with your smile. Imagine filling in that space that has been missing a tooth for so many years!

Beyond your smile, in cases where the need exists to replace a space in the back of your mouth, you can say goodbye to the discomfort caused by oral problems and quickly improve the way you chew your food, not to mention of course, your self-esteem and the way you talk to other people. It is a crucial step to have the dentition you dream of. It’s easy to achieve!

From this content, you have discovered what oral rehabilitation with titanium implants is and how it works, and why this treatment would be right for you. Follow our social networks to maximize your oral health. We are on Facebook and Instagram.

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