How can a broken tooth be repaired? Find out the best solutions!

How can a broken tooth be repaired? Find out the best solutions! 2121 1414 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa
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Breaking a tooth is an unpleasant experience and can lead to several issues. However, few people know that this type of incident happens more often than we think.

Regardless of the cause, most broken teeth can be successfully repaired. The best thing to do in this situation is to see your dentist. Marchwood Dental Clinic in Kanata offers the best professionals to deal with these kinds of situations. The following information provides some clarity on the subject, and some options for effective treatment.


Several situations can result in a fracture of a tooth. During childhood and adolescence, accidents or falls during playtime are common. These incidents can often lead to fractured teeth… especially the top front teeth! In adults, the most common causes of tooth fracture are decay, large fillings, weak enamel or biting on hard foods.

In addition to these cases, there are other situations where the breach may occur, for example:

  • Misplaced or misaligned teeth in the dental arch;
  • Loss of one or more teeth, resulting in more load on others;
  • Bruxism or severe grinding;
  • Contact between teeth where the force is not absorbed

Among these causes, the most common is still cavities, as there are a high number of dental patients who do not realize they had a cavity until the tooth is already compromised.

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In the event of a broken tooth, it is essential that you see your dentist as soon as possible so the situation does not get worse. The important thing is to act quickly and stay calm; after all, a broken tooth can easily be fixed! Check out the main methods used in these cases:

Tooth polishing, smoothing or refining

This is the simplest solution for cases with mild damage, where the dental patient has lost only a small fragment of the tooth.

In this treatment, tooth wear is performed, eliminating sharp edges and restoring its original shape. This procedure results in a smooth surface that ensures the comfort and normal capabilities of your dental system.


The restoration is performed on small and medium fractures. It is nothing more than filling the broken tooth area with white resin (or silver amalgam in very rare cases), making the tooth return to its original shape.

There are two methods of dental restoration. One is the direct method, performed directly in the dental office in a single session. The indirect method, where the prosthesis is created in a laboratory, requires more steps in the treatment so there is a longer window of time for it to be completed… but most commonly two appointments.

Crown placement

When the fracture reaches the lower portion of the tooth near the gumline, the procedure is completed by the fabrication of a single ceramic crown – that reproduces the original shape and function of the tooth.

It is worth remembering that, when the inside of the tooth is exposed, the dental patient tends to feel a lot of pain. In some cases, it is necessary to perform a root canal treatment during the treatment procedure and then complete the process with a dental crown.

Tooth removal and prosthesis placement

In rarer cases, a fracture of the dental root may occur. In such cases, the dental patient often hear the sound of the fracture and feels pain in the tooth. This pain can extend to the region of the ligaments that hold the tooth in the bone.

If you notice these symptoms, avoid chewing on the affected side and see your dentist immediately. They will perform a diagnostic x-ray and intra-oral exam. If a dental root fracture is in fact identified, the most common solution in this case is tooth extraction and replacement with a dental prosthesis, i.e. a dental implant.

See how the treatment can be simpler than you think? Now that you know that a broken tooth can be easily repaired, don’t forget that if you are faced with this issue, you will need to consult with a qualified dental professional as soon as possible. The solutions for dental fractures are effective and simple .

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