Coronavirus: Recommendations for children’s oral health during the quarantine.

Coronavirus: Recommendations for children’s oral health during the quarantine. 1920 1280 Marchwood Dental Clinic Kanata - Implants in Ottawa
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We are living in an atypical period with the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions regarding social and physical distancing. This is affecting children and adults equally. In the case of our little ones, many have had their vacations and are studying in a virtual environment. With more time spent at home, children are becoming more restless and with more access to their favorite treats. This can generate a certain lack of control with regards to food intake and the increased risk of dental cavities. In this blog, we will talk more about this subject so keep reading.

Social distance has changed routines

After almost two months of this phase of social detachment in various parts of Canada, we are still adapting to this global scenario. We have made more virtual purchases, we only see most of our relatives and friends on our cell phone screens, and we follow the news which brings more information about the Coronavirus every day.

The same goes for children, who have had their routines changed and can no longer find friends to play with, exercise their imagination, or expend their energy. This is all in spite of the fact that our children are true “digital natives”, who master different games and technology better than most adults!

Given that, savoring lots of goodies in this somewhat tedious, prolonged period seems like a good choice, right? It depends!

Eye on feeding the little ones

Even during this period, it is essential to be attentive to food choices and to avoid overindulgence in the consumption of candies, snacks, and chocolate, just to name a few. These habits can lead to the appearance of the dreaded dental cavity, which develops and grow from the sugars and food debris that cling to the surface of the teeth. When not properly treated, cavities can cause severe pain and significant damage to the dental structure.

Encouraging oral hygiene

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This unique period in our lives has given parents more of an opportunity to teach their children the importance of good oral hygiene. As they grow, it is important that children are encouraged to maintain care of their teeth. The key here is to set an example: they must see parents or guardians brushing AND flossing their teeth, making it a more playful and fun activity.

Remember, care for children’s oral hygiene is essential. Babies, for example, must have clean gums. This can be done with the aid of gauze or a rubber finger brush. From the age of 6 months, coinciding with the appearance of a few teeth, you should start brushing the child’s mouth three times a day with non-fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste can only be used once the child is able to spit it out. Ingesting excessive fluoride is not good for the child’s health.

Between 3 and 4 years of age, children acquire independence and their own tastes. Dialogue and a good dose of patience are essential in this inquisitive stage. Investing in specific toothpaste for children and extra soft toothbrushes featuring their favorite characters is a good idea. After your child has had their regular appointment with one of the great hygienists at Marchwood Dental, they will be able to choose their own special, brand new toothbrush to go home with! This is also a great time to consult with one of our dentists regarding your child’s overall oral health and development.

Baby teeth loosening? Now what?

Baby teeth are almost always replaced by permanent teeth, starting at the age of six. At this stage, it is important to try to let children start taking care of their own teeth. This gives them more confidence and independence, making them see this transition period as a positive one. If baby teeth start to get loose, the child should attempt to loosen them further. If necessary, and some baby teeth prove to be more stubborn than expected, it is worth visiting the dentist to possibly have the baby tooth extracted. Marchwood Dental clinic in Kanata North is there to attend to such emergencies during the Covid crisis. For emergency cases, please get in touch with us at (613) 591-7608 or by email at

The purpose of this text was to inform the reader about the damage that cavities can cause to the general oral health of little ones and the importance of controlling the intake of treats. Keep an eye out, and your child’s dental health will certainly thank you. Our kids are full of energy to play and will be even happier once the Coronavirus pandemic passes.

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